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drag for cuteness!!

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Lays on Scott



Scott let out a soft grunt, blinking a bit while moving his hair out of his face. “Jack?” He’d been laying on their bed in the Hub, waiting for Jack to get back after being called out in ass-o’clock in the morning. “It was that fun eh?”

"No. They killed me." Jack whined into Scott’s chest. "Can we elope?" He spoke, lifting his head up a bit. "Or just take a vacation for a bit?"

"They who?" Scott jerked upright - or tried, more got up on his elbows - staring at the main currently splayed out over his legs and lower belly. Gaping a moment, Scott let himself fall back onto the bed. “Where do ye wanna go?”


There’s thousands of notes on posts about how unfair it is that there isn’t a wonder woman movie and now that its been officially announced nobody is talking about it?

Like Can I get at least a hell yeah?


Andrew Garfield&Dylan O’Brien

Torvic had grew a tail and cat ears again. He complained loudly about the 'grey fuckers' for days , and sent upon researching them to look for their weakness. Then two days ago he disappeared one day,and locked himself in his apartment , refusing to come out even when summoned.




Scott learned of Torvic’s transformation only through the grapevine of slave chatter, rolling his eyes at the teen’s raging. At least he kept to himself and stayed in his lab, lessening the chance of the change spreading.

He gave Torvic three days before going to visit the boy himself, kicking the door down when Torvic didn’t answer his knock. 

"I know we give you more leeway that most, Torvic Frodfarding." Scott started mildly, forming a force field over the door if the ‘virus’ was airborne, it couldn’t leave the room. "But I do at least expect you to answer when called. If you’d told me you had been changed again and didn’t want to spread it then I wouldn’t be here right now." He ran a few fingers through his hair. "Now come here."

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"Lights out"




"Hm-" Cam turned over in the bed. "Ye tired yet? Or dae ye jest prefer et with th’ lights off," he tried to joke, but got interrupted by a yawn.

Pulling Cam into another kiss, Scott worked his fingers back and forth, gently stroking his lover’s prostate with each pass, murmuring praises against Cam’s neck as he worked the other’s body back to a state of sensitivity that Scott could then play with like a well tuned fiddle. It was a marvel to see Cam like this, laid out and exposed and too focused on something else to remember, or care. Their likeness set aside, Campbell Bain was a beautiful man, and it really shown through when Cam couldn’t think about what his face was showing.

Grinning to himself Scott focused on Cam’s neck, running his tongue along the already dark bruises there. 

He whined and sighed against Scott’s lips. By now, Cam really was too broken down to keep his responses in check, to keep himself quiet. Once Scott’s lips strayed to his neck, he only grew louder, muttering under his breath almost nonstop about how oh yes that was excellent please fuck Scott I fucking love you. He was trembling faintly, body as high strung as his voice made him sound. One of Cam’s hands tightened in the metacrisis’ hair, almost pulling.

“What do you want baby?” Scott murmured softly, nipping at Cam’s ear, running his tongue along the shell of it before sucking at the skin just behind it. “Tell me, Ah’ll do anythin’ ye want me to Cam, how do you want me?”

It may have been a little cruel to ask Cam that, strung up as he was right on the edge. But Scott wanted to know. Did Cam want to be fucked? Sucked? Maybe Cam wanted to be back on his knees and displayed for Scott alone – or maybe he didn’t want to move them at all, let Scott’s fingers bring him to the edge and over. He wanted to know. 

Lays on Scott

Scott let out a soft grunt, blinking a bit while moving his hair out of his face. “Jack?” He’d been laying on their bed in the Hub, waiting for Jack to get back after being called out in ass-o’clock in the morning. “It was that fun eh?”



Though Scott hadn’t been ready for the tackle like hug the contact made him smile, hands automatically going for Jack’s shoulder and lower back to support the Omega while Jack kissed his cheek.

As applause began around them Scott rubbed Jack’s shoulder softly as the younger man pulled away. “Thank you.”

Then he sucked in a breath and felt his eyes dilate, hand gripping the hard wood of his chair as he fought the urge to pick Jack up and take him on the table right then and there. Och his love smelt so sweet.

Sitting stiffly in his chair he bowed his head for a moment before raising it once again, golden eyes taking in the other Alpha that weren’t so happy about their joyous occasion. He’d deal with them himself. Later. After he’d brought Jack and Xander home, after he’d get some work into putting a pup in his Omega.

If Xander’s warning wasn’t enough he’d ruin them.

Speaking of Xander…

Scott shook himself and put a smile on his face, tight control holding back the howling thing awoken by Jack’s scent and touch. “Of course.” Scott paused in his words as he thought, waiting until they were in a more private setting before he continued.

“Jack …” He hesitated a moment, accent thickening with the arousal and rage he was keeping from the surface. “Ah c’n understand if ye’d wish t’go ‘ome f’r this heat.” He murmured taking one of Jack’s hands into his own. “Wit our bond so new it would give us more time t’get t’know each other a’fore ye invite me t’ye’r bed?” 

Jack made a whining sound like a hurt animal. Xander answered for him.  “My brother has watched you from afar. He is well away of your family history. We are a particularly strong, fertile family.  This is only his second heat. I doubt he’ll be able to handle it without the one he’s chosen.”

Jack gripped Scott’s hand and was nearly presenting his throat.  “Don’t wanna wait. Don’t need to. Sure of it sure of you. Please, “

Xander stood.  “Shall we, then?”

Scott immediately wrapped his arms around Jack, shushing him softly while pressing a kiss to his neck, giving him just a hint of teeth. “Ah see, Ah’m sorry love, of course Ah’ll be with you. Forget what Ah said.” He kept Jack close, guiding him along as they followed Xander. “Which would be be’er, do you think; my house or yours?” 

in a fit of boredom Torvic some how dyes Scotts hair bright glowing blue.




Frozen in shock for nearly five seconds, once he caught sight of his hair, Scott buried his hands into the suddenly neon strands, eyes wide. “TORVIC FORDFARDING WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!” 

Orion on the other hand thought it was amazing and immediately latched onto his hair, forcing Scott to calm down. 

"Don’t give me that look kiddo." Scott chuckled, and pressed a hand to Torvic’s shoulder a moment. "Evangeline has this technique of hers…" He pulled his hand away, pulling a dark gold orb from out of Torvic’s chest. "This … would have hurt. A lot. I’ve told her not to go bomb allies… AV will need to speak with her." He mumbled to himself, crushing the ball in his hand. 

Then he reached up and ran a few fingers through Torvic’s hair, removing the coloring by deaging his hair back to before he’d done it. “I think one scare is enough of a punishment. If you feel odd in the next two days come back and let me take another look at your shoulder, okay?”

Torvics eyes went wide as the other pulled out the golden ball. When did she? A bomb?! She put a bomb inside him?! “Odd how?”

"If your shoulder starts to ache for no reason, if you start feeling sick - I’ll be monitoring you of course but those things can be nasty. Your body will start to disperse any energy left behind though, so with the main part of it out you should be fine." Scott sat back in his chair, idly messing with a lock of his hair. "And before you panic it’s not really a ‘bomb’ per say … more like intent. To hurt. It would have sickened you and attacked your shoulder - and since you are a scientist ruining one arm is a true punishment." He hissed softly. "And not her decision to make.”

"When ha'e I ever lied tae ye?"





Scott slowly lifted an eyebrow. “Ah’m pretty sure there are a few white lies ye’ve tried t’slip past me now’n then.” He mused. 

The hug was very welcome and Cam smiled against Scott’s shoulder. “Jest- I thought I should say thes.. I mean, I’m kinda serious about thes..?” He was, of course, actually very serious about this - but Campbell was afraid that maybe he was being too serious and that Scott didn’t want them to be something really serious. The metacrisis was such a free spirit of a person, after all, and Cam’s jealousy of a certain mutual acquaintance had messed things up enough.

"Okay." He ran a hand up and down Cam’s back, idly running a few fingers over the human’s spine, pressing against a few of the vertebrae. "Then Ah get t’say that when we first met? Ah totally knew ye were gettin’ in way over ye’r head wit that job."

Okay. Well, an okay was good. It was agreement, anyway? Cam took a deep breath and wrapped an arm around Scott as well, keeping him close.

Job, what? He was disorientated at first, confused, and only then realised that - ah - they were exchanging things they hadn’t said before. Confessions of sorts? Campbell tried to remember what job he’d had at the time that his lover mentioned, but couldn’t remember exactly. He knew he ought to remember though, hm. “Aye, well.. that kinda happens a lot I guess,” he conceded with a grin and pressed a kiss to Scott’s shoulder.

If they were confessing things.. Cam felt the sudden urge to make a grand gesture, to confess something huge, something that’d make Scott see him in a different light. Cam wasn’t sure what sort of light that would be, but he went for it anyway. “I, eh, d’ye wanna know why I was jealous of Jensen..?” It was a chapter he was eager to close, but (dammit!) he felt the familiar squirm in his guts at the mention of that name - something recoiling.

That got a chuckle, though it was more at the utter blankness that had crossed over Cam’s face at the comment than Cam’s answer. 

But he wasn’t expecting Cam to bring up Jensen, knew his lover loathed the man. Tilting his head to the side Scott shifted, settling in a chair and then pulling Cam into his lap, hands locked together at Cam’s lower back. “Ye don’t ‘ave t’talk about ‘im iff’n it still makes ye uncomfortable.” He started softly. “Ah c’n admit, ye’r … meetin’ wit Jensen would have been grounds t’break up wit me from most people. It was abrupt an’ th’way Ah ‘andled ye afterwards left much t’be desired.” He chuckled a bit then, shaking his head. “Ah’d forgotten th’rules.”



He sounded so pathetic. The Doctor really was listless without his companion eh? It was sweet, in a tooth decaying way. He couldn’t help but adore the two of them.

“Need somethin’ t’do?” He asked with a chuckle, and held up a lock of his hair. “Wanna play? Ah’m jus’ combin’ me fingers through a’fore washing the conditioner out.”

He waited a moment to see what the Doctor would do, combing his fingers through the section he’d been working on. “With me? Well after this Ah’m gonna get back t’work on the cocktail Ah smoke.” 

XI blinked at Scott’s suggestion of ‘play’, unsure if he was understanding correctly. He did not yet make a move, first listening to the rest of what the metacrisis had to say.

"You smoke.. cocktails?" he replied, puzzled, "or is that a term for mixing herbs? Sorry, brain not at optimum. You wanting some ‘elp with your hair?"

He paused a moment, tilting his head. "…Kinda?" He frowned. "Never really thought about what t’call it … Ah’m always tryin t’better the mix. It’s …" He huffed a bit, tugging on the hair in his hands. “‘erbal mixture sounds be’er. A compound o’erbs that Ah compress in honey an’ smoke." He shrugged a bit. "Call it a ‘cocktail’ cause it’s a mixture an’ most would leave it at that." He stuck out his tongue. 

At the question of his hair he grinned. “Ye’r tellin me ye don’t want t’mess with it?”

Casually, long-fingered hands buried themselves in Scott's hair just moments before a lithe body pressed up against his back. "Busy?" Ze'ev purred in his friend's ear.

tilting his head back when he felt fingers glide over his scalp, Scott tilted his head back and to the side, grinning. “Ah think Ah c’n make some time f’r ye.” He chuckled, shifting back to press up against Ze’ev’s chest. 

Sex pollen


[M!A Sex Pollen: That tickle in the muse’s nose? It’s not hayfever, it’s a pervy plant, and for the next (Anon decides - unspecified time) the muse is going to want to shag everything that moves. Especially if it moves in front of them.]


"Nnngh…Great. I’ll jus’..lock m’self away f’r a few hours. Sh’d be fine if nob’dy comes near me, righ’?..”

"Ye hope. Oooorr it’ll jus’ get worse an’ worse - which really really sucks, lemme tell ya."