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Cigarettes are a danger to your health for many reasons.

Tobacco, when smoked, contains carbon monoxide, also often referred to as ‘the silent killer’ in reference to leaks in buildings. When carbon monoxide enters your body, it enters your blood stream and binds to the hemoglobin in your blood cells. Carbon monoxide binds much stronger to hemoglobin than oxygen, and takes the place of it in your bloodstream. When your bloodstream is filled with carbon monoxide, your organs do not receive enough oxygen, and slowly die, This means that your brain, lungs, heart, and every tissue and organ in your body slowly wither away. They all rely on blood to transport nutrients and oxygen.

Smoking paralyzes cilia in your body, which are small hairs that line the tissues inside your body, and also causes the mucus in your body to be heavily smoke-laden. It may not sound like much, but they play an important part in capturing and removing waste from your body. Without them, a great deal of waste stays in you. Smokers are also extremely prone to chronic bronchitis, where the bronchi in your lungs are swollen and clogged with mucus, preventing proper oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.

Tobacco is also known to contain tar, which leaves a sticky brown residue, which is clearly shown in the smoker’s lung. Cancer Research UK has reported that cigarettes contain over 70 chemicals that lead to cancer.

Most importantly, notice how the smoker’s lung doesn’t inflate very well. Smoking can cause emphysema, which causes lungs to lose elasticity. This is incredibly dangerous, as the body will not be able to get enough oxygen, and expel all of the carbon dioxide.

Tobacco contains nicotine, which increases heart rate and blood pressure, and is extremely hard to quit. The best way to avoid all these health conditions is to stay away from smoking in the first place.

You know, in case you needed even more convincing of this. Pay it forward to all your smoking friends. It’s not cool, folks. It’s FDA-approved suicide.



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Keith David - Friends on the Other Side
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friends on the other side // keith david

i can read your future
change it ‘round some too
i’ll look deep into your heart and soul
make your wildest dreams come true


Jim Beaver just made the Ice Bucket Challenge haters sit down and shutup
(Link From The Post)
Disclaimer: You will probably cry when you watch the video


Jim Beaver just made the Ice Bucket Challenge haters sit down and shutup

(Link From The Post)

Disclaimer: You will probably cry when you watch the video


Jim Beaver just made the Ice Bucket Challenge haters sit down and shutup
(Link From The Post)
Disclaimer: You will probably cry when you watch the video


Jim Beaver just made the Ice Bucket Challenge haters sit down and shutup

(Link From The Post)

Disclaimer: You will probably cry when you watch the video


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge -> The Hemsworth Brothers. 

I did this specifically because everyone seems to forget Luke and that’s not fair. Plus we have a set!



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Doctor who countdown meme 
↳ 5 days till who: One time period - The 21st century

"Persephone Lied"


The truth is, I was bored. 
My mother blissing ahead of me, rosebuds rising in her footsteps,
And I skulking behind, thinking,
Oh look. She walks in beauty.

Her power could boil rivers, if she chose.
She doesn’t choose. She scatters
Heliotrope behind her.

And me, I’ve no powers. I think she’d like
A decorative daughter. A link to the humans
She feeds with her scattered wheat.
A daughter wed to a swineherd’s just the thing
To show that Demeter’s a down-to-earth
Kind of goddess.

Do you know what swineherds talk about?
Diseases of, ways to cook;
“That ‘un’s got no milk for ‘er shoats;
Him, there, he’s got boggy trotters.”

And when he leaned in, smiling,
While we sat in a bower sagged with Mother’s honeysuckle,
When he said, “Now,
My herd’s growing and I’m thinking I could feed a wife—”
That’s when I snapped, I howled, I ran.

And when a hole opened up, a beautiful black, in all the pastels of my mother’s sowing.
Let me fix the lie: Nobody grabbed, nobody pulled.
I jumped.

I thought it was a tiny earthquake, 
Thought I was killing myself,
Starting a long journey to Hades.
It was a more direct trip
Then I’d imagined—
I landed in his lap.

He just looked at me, said “Well,”
And kept driving his chariot down,
Flicked his leather reins near my face.
He did not give me flowers.
He never spoke of pigs.

Didn’t speak much at all. Just took me down in darkness
And did dark things.
I liked them.

I stumbled through his grey gardens, after,
Sore and smiling.
And the gardener said, “Little girl,
Little sunlit flower,
You belong in the world above.
Trust that they’ll come for nyou,
But while you wait
Don’t eat the food of the dead, for it will trap you here.”
And I said give me the fucking fruit.

But when I ate I could hear her howling,
See her spreading winter on the world.
My poor mother, who missed me after all;
My poor swineherd, starving.
Huddled up for warmth with the few he hadn’t eaten.

I spat out half the seeds.

So now I suffer through the summers,
Smile at the swineherd who tells me
Which shoat is off its feed.
Smile at my mother and walk behind her.
My powers have come to me now, and in her candy-colored wake I scatter
Sundew and flytrap, nettles and belladonna.

I smile and wait for November,
For when I come back to you.
Your clever cold hands and your hard black boots.
I don’t ask what the leather is made from.
I don’t think I want to know. 

[This was not written by me; the source is linked in the post, but it’s hard to find in some formats. Here is the source. I did not write this!]








"oh yeah you guys use celcius"

My eyebrows, which I’ve never taken much notice of in my life before, Steven’s decided are the most amazing comic devices. Now in the scripts, as a stage direction, instead of saying, “The Doctor looks peeved” or “The Doctor looks annoyed,” they just write, “Eyebrows.” I’m supposed to do something with my eyebrows.


And here we have New York Times Bestselling Author, John Green. 







This is why i think Avatar should be R rated 

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could argue that water benders could take out all the fluid from someones body, turning them into a mummified husk 

and a highly skilled metal bender could control the iron in another person’s blood, kinda like what Magneto does in X-Men a lot

What a great time to be anaemic.

earthbender ambushes

waterbenders surfing through the battlefield on a wave of blood.

"on a wave of blood" 

but yes, let us continue with this gore fest!

Is there possibly a way that firebenders or airbenders could raise the body temperature of an individual to the point where your burning/melting from the inside out?

or what about earthbenders being able to break bones since bones are made up of various metals of course along with non-metals but that’s beside the point?

god bless this fandom. we’re all growing up and turning into psychos